Can’t you smell that?

My sense of smell is sharp. I can smell what people are eating across the office. I can smell the cigarette smoke you are trying to hide. I can smell the ocean breeze inland. because of this, perfumes are important to me. The way they mix with your skins chemical makeup matters to me. And, it should matter to you, too. Just because the scent strip in your magazine smells heavenly doesn’t mean it will smell the same when sprayed on you. I wish I could explain that to young women everywhere. I have been encountering too many who are wearing scents that are just wrong for them.
Maybe I should start a finishing school for suburban teens. I would have classes on:

    • Why you shouldn’t wear Uggs with mini skirts. - Those Ugg boots with that mini skirt just makes you look like a weather confused whore.

  • How to pick the perfect scent.
  • Why leggings and a sports jersey is not considered ‘ dressed’. It just makes you look lazy.
  • The pros and cons of saying ‘like’ all the time. (Hint: There are no pros).

One thought on “Can’t you smell that?

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