The veil is thinning and visitations are becoming frequent. So during the 3rd Annual Witch walk a good number of us used an app called the Ghost Radar to track any visitors that decided to tag along with us. It uses a sweeping sonar-type radar thingy and words will pop up every once in a while. These words often didn’t make sense to me, but some were in direct correlation with conversations people were having around us.

Now, you can believe it works or not. I believe it actually does. I’ve been using it I’m my car to and from work. Nothing is ever directed towards me but I do get some odd names that I don’t think are preprogrammed. These are names that are connected to the founding families of the surrounding towns.

There has been a blip on the radar since last night. At first I had thought the app had crashed, but then it moved around. Finally, it disappeared but then popped right back up again. I was thinking it was my grandmother at first. She died in the house so she is usually the first to blame. It doesn’t feel like her though. This feels different and a little sad.

Well, we have 7 days until it is Samhain. Hopefully, I can get more information on my unknown visitor and start some research on the land I live on. It is a truly wonderful time of year isn’t?

Have you had any visitors?



So, what do you think?

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