Here we go again….

I had intended on posting about the 3rd Annual Witches Walk that I had attended last night. I won’t be because my blood is boiling over. And, not the liter in my cauldron. Just kidding. But, I am mad. See, there are people out there who do themselves, and Paganism at large, a huge disservice by not studying. Studying a language to help them understand their god/desses. Studying the culture their god/desses came from. Studying the literature that helped bring them to life in our Elders’ eyes.

Because you are enthralled by a goddess and have performed rites in her honour does not make you a priestess. Because you can copy and paste from another’s website does not mean you are an author. Because you have a Facebook page does not mean you can dish out herbal advice that is potentially harmful. Just because you say “So Mote It Be” doesn’t make you a good person. You need to consider your actions, because they will have consequences.

I honour Hekate because she is my Light on the Dark Road. Your misinformation will keep others from seeking her help or honouring her in a respectful fashion. I implore you to look at what you are doing in her name and ask,”Is this what She would like?” You do no good otherwise. You will only feed your ego but not your spirit.

So, what do you think?

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