Hekate ADD

In almost every religious practice there is a tangible item used to represent the deity being honoured. Some use statuary, some a picture or other piece of art. I use a shadow box given to me by a lovely friend  It helps me focus. if mim worshiping out-of-doors I have an easier time concentrating  indoors, I find that my mind wanders towards laundry, and other chores that always seem to need to be done.

My shadow box is of Hekate. It is black with a decoupage drawing of a typical crossroads depiction of the goddess. This is my favorite representation of her. She is the one who stands at the crossroads, torch in hand, ever ready to show you the way to move forward. Hekate Phosphorus. The Light Bringer. Everyone needs help to see what is right in front of them from time to time. I am no exception.

It is said that people would leave food offerings to her at the crossroads. The food would be gone before the person leaving the offering had turned their backs. The unwanted, poor, and exiled lived outside the cities near the crossroads. An offering to Hekate was a meal for them. One man asking her favor grants another man nourishment. Two birds one stone.

And, now I hear the dogs bark in the night.


So, what do you think?

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