Dark Moon

There is a Dark Moon tonight. The energy has been affecting my life for the past couple of days. There was a mass clearing of cutter at work. Some people there have been on edge lately. Emotions coming out at all angles. It’s hard to deal with if you don’t know it’s coming. We all need to be observant of our personality changes during specific moon phases. It will save you a lot of trouble.

Some people will say to rest on the Dark Moon. Others advise that no magickal workings should be done. They equate a Dark Moon with dark magick. One does not denote other. We aren’t in Kindergarten anymore people. Let’s figure it out for ourselves.

She is just as powerful in her dark phase as she is in her brightest phase. If you feel the need to perform any spells during this time do so.  Follow your gut. Personally, i like the energy of the Dark Moon. I find myself more in tune  with my environment. Cleansing spells are best at this time. Clearing the air, my altar, and my life.

With a Dark Moon comes devotionals and offerings to Hecate. I perform a small ritual and later make a donation to either a local food bank or animal shelter. The Goddess of the Crossroads is the patron goddess of outcasts. When we help our fellow man/canine, we honor her.

“Hecate whose name is howled by night at the city cross-roads.”



So, what do you think?

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