Close Your Eyes and Point

According to Wikipedia, Bibliomancy is divination by use of books. Really, you could use any source of the printed word. I find Jane Austen to come in very handy when the question is on matters of the heart. Of course, I love Austen and have for quite some time. I feel a connection with some her characters and to her words. Therefore, I suggest using a book that you have a connection with. You will have an easier time grasping the message.

I use Bibliomancy to break up using Tarot all the time. It’s good to change things up.

Right now I have my copy of “Goddesses in World Mythology“, by Martha Ann & Dorothy Myers Imel, on lap. My question is “what goddess should I be studying up on?” So, let’s see what the Spirits have to say:

Tseurima(Tibet)-Goddess of Unhappiness; Heaven and Hell; Directions; Time. Apparently, she is a wrathful goddess.

Oh dear. Let the studying begin.

So, what do you think?

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