ImageFor many years I’ve tried to put a real Book of Shadows together. The important word is “try”. I have a problem with sticking with one format and enjoying it. My taste and preferences change with the wind (Air Sign Problems). However, lately I’ve been feeling the need to one centered place for all of my histories and information. I think I may end up going the way of a Moleskine Binder and dividers. Cuz I’m shi-shi like that. 

If you look at the teeny tiny photo up there (instagram, you are not my friend) you will see a portion of my notebooks, sketchbooks, pocketbooks, and such. This photo is a perfect metaphor for me. I hold much information, but it isn’t organized in my head. Everything is linked to everything else. I feel like a human index at times. This leads to much scrambling in writing my rituals. Instead of flipping a page, I end up digging through bins, scouring my bookshelf, and cursing. 

I’m going to organize my information and histories. This pledge I make to no one in particular, that way no one can actually hold me to it. Ha!


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