Hymn to Hecate

In the night, dogs howl and bay aloud.
It is Hecate to whom they do sing.
The Queen of Night walks soundless proud,
And to a dark path, the light she does bring.

Crossroads of three ways, is where she is found.
A clear vision in marble perfection,
Where an offering is left on the ground
At her feet in hopes of her protection.

Dark, Mysterious, Beautiful and Strong,
Titan gatekeeper to the Underworld,
Who led the Golden Demeter along,
And let her sweet Compassion be unfurled.

You, who rule over Heaven, Earth, and Sea,
I honour you with words of devotion.
You ,who bear the bright torch and hold the key,
Compel me to release my emotion.

What you ask of me I will always do.
Whether sing to the crowd or crawl through mires.
And in the end, darkness I will walk through,
To find my way home to your sacred fires.

April L Edwards
©January 2012

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