Mid-East Dream

This was a dream I had August 12th 2012

I dreamed that was in the mid-east, I think. I was with a friend who was a beautiful arab girl. there was another dark-haired beauty with us but I never interacted with her. The main girl was afraid of breaking the rules, ie: going out alone, not having her hair wrapped. I was with her out and about in the city.Our hair was down. beautiful modern-day city. I pointed out that some of the buildings reminded me of new york.They had strange fire escapes. we ended up in a place where their were mainly men. the main man was an older gentleman who wore a gray suit. I saw some white Toyota Scions with graffiti on them. I asked him if I could take a photo of the cars with my phone cam. he didn’t know what a Scion was. As I was showing him the cars were taking off. I couldn’t make out what the words were on the cars. We 3 took off into the city at night. Ended up at some tower that was very well-lit at night. we were trying to keep away from the guards. We climbed the steps to the very top where there seems to be an apartment with the windows covered in newspaper. all of a sudden we had our heads wrapped and we were no longer in western clothes. then we couldn’t keep our balance and we broke the china and a table in the room because we fell on them. Then the newspapers came down. they were up to keep eyes out of the westerner’s offices on the other side. they were having a party. we pretended to be dancers and then one of the westerners (black British woman) said that now we have to do the correct ending to the dance and kiss the cute guy that was with them. we were all really confused by this. but the pretty girl seemed to like the guy. I was a little miffed.


So, what do you think?

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